"Thanks, babe," Jessica walked next to her girlfriend and put her arm around her shoulder, "I don’t know how I made it in the world before I met you. I love you a lot, I hope you know that."

"I love you a lot, too." She grinned happily as she pressed a kiss against the other’s cheek. "Now, lovebug. We gotta get you some clothes or else I’d have to jump you here and now."

    ( S M S ; ) to wife *heart eyes emoji*

  • skye: i try tbh
  • skye: then fix me a bowl of ice cream instead? <3
  • carson: you succeed!!!
  • carson: ok fINE

    text ;; harper the butthead

  • harper: sigh. okay. i'm going over.
  • logan: ;,( really?


Aww love them. Camrenah 4 life!!!!!!!

well…she’s so cool. 


@caitlianjstacey: ‘#tbt - the day I cut all my hair off so I’d look good in a tux’

New Orleans was really great this weekend. @leahmariepipes10

    text ;; harper the butthead

  • harper: i was just kidding dummie :~)
  • logan: idk :(((

    ✉ → lesbehcnestx

  • aubree: well, my heart is saying that it wants to see it's better half
  • aubree: I suppose I should come get you, yeah?
  • kai: frick. you're literally so cute. i don't understand???
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