foreign affairs ϟ blake & savannah



               “Is it possible for you to not be charming at all?” she asks cheerfully. Her cheeks return to a soft shade of pink when she feels Blake’s thumb brush against her skin. “You should. We could go get croissants and hot chocolate, because let me tell you — there’s this shop down the street from me, and it has the best hot chocolate in the winter. And I’d shower you with gifts if you were here for Christmas, so if you want to, definitely come back.”

"Only if you ever stop being beautiful, so never," she laughed as she swung their arms. Blake enjoyed listening to Savannah speak about Christmas and hot chocolate - she just liked how passionate the other seemed to be. "You’re so cute.." The brunette murmured softly as she nodded. "Well hot chocolate and croissants sound pretty great and getting showered in gifts - but just being around you would be wonderful, love."




"I — I’ve never actually done this…"

"We don’t have to do anything, if you don’t want."

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this thing called love ;; riley & valery



     “I’m definitely not the angel, you are. You sure you’re not hiding a halo or wings?” she counters. “No, you don’t bore me at all!” Valery insists. She stands and gently tosses the book back into her apartment, bouncing gently on her feet. “If you want me to, sure!” She lightly bounces on her feet up the stairs, smiling at Riley once the two of them were on the same level. “Hi,” she says with a small giggle.

"You’re such a dork. I’m pretty sure only you can use those type of lines on me." Riley chuckled as she watched the other walk up the stairs - a grin curved on her lips as Valery appeared in front of her. "You’re taller than I expected," she teased, "But beautiful nonetheless."

Oh never met nobody quite like you no no ♪ 

foreign affairs ϟ blake & savannah



               “Ah, there comes the charm again,” Savannah says before grinning again. “I’d definitely be willing,” she muses as the both of them come to a stop just before the building. “It kind of reminds me of Christmas,” Savannah adds, “because of the lights. Dieu, I love Christmas. Especially in Paris, they’re almost magical. You should really spend a winter here sometime.”

"How can I not be charming around you?" Blake laughed softly as she rubbed her thumb against the back of Savannah’s hand. Smiling sweetly as she listened and watched the other speak. "Maybe I’ll come back for Christmas one day then. It seems pretty fantastic from your perspective so I trust you."


Nala watched as the other girl played with her fingers, still holding her gently against her chest and wanting to stay close to her. When Riley began to speak it made Nala frown, pulling her girl even closer and saying, “Don’t listen to her. That’s not true at all.” She tells the girl softly, “I know you do, I’m so sorry you have to deal with all of this, Riles. You deserve better than this.”

It’s hard not to when it’s your own mother,” she murmured shrugging softly. “I’m used to it. So you don’t have to be sorry.” Riley intertwined their fingers together as she placed a soft kiss against Nala’s neck. 

oh, where you from? it must be heaven

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"Are you sure? I don’t want to get in trouble." Harper, stop being a worry wart. Picking up the purple box, she watched as the other attempted to lift a heavier bag. "Ugh, yeah. You know what? I’ll just bring that  too, and let’s go get a cart then we can go and buy toys for this little one here." Harper poked gently the kitten before lifting up the bag that Blake had put down so they could go and get a cart.

"Positive," she hummed as she held the tag. "It’s still here for them to scan, so don’t you worry, ya worry wart." Blake chuckled softly as she nodded, "Yes cart then we’ll grab all of this." Leading them towards the entrance as she placed Frisky in the area where babies would sit - smiling softly as she pulled the cart and started to go back towards the aisle. "Doesn’t she look cute as a button?"

    text ;; her

  • winnie: yeah it would, wouldn't it?
  • winnie: i love you too babe <3
  • riley: yeah like extremely awkward for me
  • riley: just reading that makes me smile