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i just need someone to cuddle me because i lost my wallet last night and i feel fucked up still ugh :(((

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Fifth Harmony's reaction once the interviewer asked them if they thought 'feminism' was a bad word



Natalie’s eyes fell just as Blake’s clothing had. She couldn’t help but laugh at the girl’s question, as if she would care about the type of dirtiness that was suggested. “I wish I cared,” she mentioned, opening up the glass shower door to invite the other brunette in. “It’s a good thing we’ll already be in a place to cleanse ourselves afterward then. Since we’ll be so dirty.”

She chuckled softly as she walked into the shower with the other, her eyes scanning down Natalie’s tone body before meeting with the other’s gaze. “You definitely have a point there, baby girl.” She smirked as she placed her hands on to her hips, letting her fingertips graze the other’s soft skin. Taking a step closer so they were just a few inches apart. 

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Adelina looked up at the girl, smiling. “You’re just saying that because you know I’m not wearing panties,” she teased. She turned around so her back was to Riley and grinded on her that way.

"That might be a small reason," she chuckled, husking her words out against Addy’s ear. The smirk on her lips seemed to grow as she placed her hands on to her thighs, pushing her closer towards her body as one hand slid up her upper thigh - teasing the other.

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serena: omg babies don’t smell that bad

serena: psh i’m never wrong

logan: ya bc they smell worse!!
logan: but you are pls

anyone have oc or appless rp refs bc that’d be fantastic!!!

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Phoebe Tonkin portraited by Benny Horne

I want to be someone’s favorite person to talk to.